How To Hang Cowhide On Wall

How To Hang Cowhide On Wall

Hanging cowhide on A wall can be A striking And unique way to add rustic charm And natural elegance to your interior decor. Whether you’ve recently acquired A cowhide rug or want to repurpose an existing one. Knowing how to hang A cowhide on A wall is essential for achieving A distinctive And visually appealing aesthetic. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions And tips on how to elegantly display this as wall art. Turning your space into A captivating showcase of bohemian sophistication. So, If you’re ready to transform your room with this distinctive And captivating wall decor, Read on to discover the art of cowhide wall hanging.

How Do I Position The Cowhide Properly?

How Do I Position The Cowhide Properly?

To position the cowhide properly on your wall, Start by selecting A location that complements your decor And ensures good visibility. Assess the lighting And room dynamics. Hang it in A place with ample natural or artificial light to showcase its beauty. Measure the desired location to find the center, Mark it with A pencil, And then mount A sturdy anchor or bracket. 

Securely hang this by the center, Adjusting it as needed for A balanced appearance. How you position it depends on your style And preference, Whether you prefer it straight And symmetrical or with A more casual, Draped look. The key is to ensure it’s secure And enhances the overall aesthetics of your space.

How Can I Incorporate Lighting With It?

How Can I Incorporate Lighting With It?

You can incorporate lighting with your cowhide wall decor to create A captivating And atmospheric effect. To achieve this, Consider using wall sconces, Track lighting, Or even string lights strategically placed around or behind those. The soft, Indirect lighting will highlight the texture And patterns, Enhancing its visual appeal. 

LED strip lights are also A popular choice, As they can be discreetly hidden behind them to create A warm, Ethereal glow. Experiment with different lighting options to find the one that best complements your decor And adds A touch of drama to your space. Whether you want to create A cozy ambiance or accentuate the cowhide’s natural beauty, Thoughtful lighting can make A significant difference.

Benefits Of  Hang Cowhide On Wall

Benefits Of  Hang Cowhide On Wall

The benefit to hang cowhide on your wall extends beyond the realm of aesthetics. It provides A visually captivating And dynamic decor element, Adds texture And depth, And Provides versatile in-style applications. Ensures long-lasting durability, And even contributes to acoustic improvements, Making it A smart choice for enhancing both the look And function of your living space.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the most prominent advantages is the exceptional aesthetic appeal it brings to your space. Cowhide, With its natural variations in color And pattern, Adds A touch of rustic elegance that can effortlessly elevate the look And feel of any room. Its unique And eye-catching design creates A focal point that draws attention And admiration. Making it an ideal choice for those seeking A distinctive And visually striking interior.

Texture And Depth

The inherent texture of this, From its soft And supple areas to the more rugged sections, Adds visual interest And tactile dimension to your decor. This dynamic play of texture enhances the overall sensory experience of the space. Making it not just visually appealing but also inviting to touch And feel.


Complements A wide range of interior design styles, From rustic And bohemian to contemporary And modern. Whether you’re going for A cozy, Cabin-like atmosphere or A sleek And minimalistic look, Cowhide adapts seamlessly to your desired aesthetic. This adaptability allows you to use this as an attractive addition to various rooms in your home.


Cowhide boasts remarkable durability, Ensuring that your investment remains both beautiful And functional for years to come. It can withstand wear And tear, Making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. Cleaning is also relatively straightforward, And with proper care, This maintains its stunning appearance without losing its natural charm.

Acoustic Benefits

Textured surfaces can help dampen sound And reduce echo in A room, Contributing to A quieter And more comfortable environment. This acoustic advantage makes them an excellent choice for spaces where noise reduction is A priority, Such as home theaters, Offices, Or living rooms.

Here Are Some Ideas On How To Hang Cowhide On A Wall

Traditional Mounting

One of the traditional methods for hanging cowhide is through traditional mounting. This method involves using hardware like screws or nails to securely attach them directly to the wall. This approach ensures A tight And flat fit against the wall, Showcasing the hide’s natural beauty And texture. Traditional mounting offers A seamless look that blends them seamlessly into your decor.

Frame It

Frame It

For those seeking A more contemporary and refined display, Framing is A popular choice. A custom frame can be designed to precisely fit the dimensions of the cowhide, Allowing you to showcase its unique patterns And textures while providing A polished And finished appearance. Framing also adds an extra layer of protection, Ensuring its longevity And preserving its beauty for years to come.

Tapestry Rod

This approach adds an artistic And decorative touch to your cowhide wall hanging. A tapestry rod typically consists of two decorative finials And A sturdy rod that slides through A pocket sewn onto the top edge of this. This drapes elegantly from the rod, Creating A sense of movement And depth. This method is especially popular for those who want to achieve A relaxed, Bohemian look in their decor.

Floating Frame

For A truly unique And modern presentation, Consider using A floating frame. This method involves suspending the cowhide within A clear acrylic or glass frame. Giving the illusion that the hide is floating off the wall. This contemporary approach not only preserves the natural beauty of this but also adds an element of intrigue And sophistication to your decor.

Hook And Latch

By attaching hooks to the wall And latches to the cowhide. You can easily hang heavy mirrors with command strips And adjust the positioning of the hide as desired. This method ensures stability And allows you to remove And reposition without causing any damage to the hide or the wall. It’s an ideal choice for those who want flexibility in displaying them.

Curtain Clips

These clips can be easily attached And then hung on A curtain rod or A decorative rod installed on the wall. Curtain clips allow you to quickly change the cowhide’s location or swap it with other decor items as you please. Making it A great choice for those who like to regularly update their interior decor.

Display Shelf

Installing A display shelf on the wall allows you to place the cowhide atop it. This method not only showcases but also creates an additional layer of depth And interest in your decor. It’s especially useful if you want to display other items alongside, Creating A personalized And stylish display.

Rope Hanger

By attaching ropes or leather straps to the corners of the cowhide And securing them to wall hooks or brackets, You can achieve A relaxed And bohemian look. This method allows for creative And adjustable positioning. Giving you the flexibility to create various angles And heights for your wall hanging.

Upholstery Tacks

Upholstery tacks, Or decorative nails, Provide A classic And elegant way to secure it to the wall. By carefully placing these tacks along the edges of the hide, You can create A visually appealing border that both enhances the cowhide’s appearance And secures it firmly to the wall. This method allows for precise And artistic placement, Making it an ideal choice for those who want to add A touch of sophistication to their wall decor.

Wire Grid

Install A grid of wires or cables across the wall And use clips or hooks to attach them to the grid. This approach offers flexibility in positioning And allows you to easily change the display arrangement as you see fit. It’s an excellent choice for those who like to frequently update their interior decor or showcase multiple pieces.

Lattice Wall

Lattice walls feature an openwork design made of intersecting strips or slats, Which provide A unique framework for hanging cowhide. By attaching the hide to the lattice, You can create an aesthetically pleasing display that complements the rustic or bohemian elements of your decor.

Barn Door Slider

For A rustic And farmhouse-inspired look, A barn door slider can serve as A distinctive way to hang cowhide on the wall. By attaching A sliding mechanism And mounting it on A track installed on the wall, You can achieve A dynamic And functional display. This method not only showcases them but also allows you to easily slide them open or closed, Adding an interactive element to your decor.

Leather Straps

Leather Straps

Secure leather straps to the corners of the cowhide And then attach the other ends to wall hooks or brackets. This method adds A touch of natural charm And flexibility in positioning. Leather straps allow you to easily adjust the height And angle, Contributing to A personalized And bohemian aesthetic.

Industrial Clips

These heavy-duty clips can be attached to the cowhide And then anchored onto A sturdy wall-mounted rail or grid. Industrial clips ensure A secure And stable display, Making them A practical choice for larger or heavier pieces. This method provides A clean And modern appearance that aligns well with industrial or minimalist decor styles.

Magnetic Mounting

Some cowhide wall art comes with magnetic strips or you can attach magnetic tape to the back of the hide. Then, Place corresponding magnetic sheets or strips on the wall to hold it securely in place. This method offers A hassle-free And damage-free solution, As it doesn’t require drilling or nailing into the wall. Magnetic mounting is ideal for those who value easy installation And repositioning.

The Final Thought

The art of hanging cowhide on A wall is A versatile And creative endeavor, Offering A wide array of methods to suit different tastes, Interior design styles, And functional needs. Whether you choose traditional mounting, Framing, Curtain clips, Or any other method mentioned earlier. Cowhide wall decor can bring an exquisite blend of aesthetics, Texture, And depth to your living spaces. With its adaptability, Durability, And even acoustic benefits, Transforms your walls into captivating showcases of natural beauty. The choice of how to hang cowhide on your wall is ultimately A reflection of your unique style And vision for your living space. Creating A lasting impression And A stunning conversation piece for all who enter your home.

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